No series of coursework
makes someone a teacher.

It is only after one has completed the Teacher Training that the process of becoming a teacher truly begins: on real-life dance floors with broken hearts, broken sound systems, challenging students and great plans that fail in the face of the group that happens to show up that night.

Neither a formula nor a plan, this is a practice that is alive and always changing to serve the worlds it travels in. As our planet spins in and out of madness, it is the teachers who must continuously challenge themselves to lead people back to their feet, to quiet their minds and soften their hearts.

To this end, we have created The 5Rhythm's Teachers Association to keep us all current, connected and creative in our teaching practices. The 5RTA links the teachers through ongoing education with Gabrielle and other senior teachers, web forums and resources. It also serves to promote teachers who "stay in the loop" of continuing education through special links and listings on Gabrielle's global website.